Best Restaurants in Santa Fe

Best Restaurants in Santa Fe

Welcome to Santa Fe, NM, a city where the stunning natural landscape provides a backdrop almost as flavorful as its culinary scene. The city is amidst desert vistas and rolling hills, with breathtaking sunsets painting the evening skies. It has a vibrant tapestry of history and culture, fostering a dynamic lifestyle that honors its rich heritage while eagerly embracing a creative and innovative future.

The city's commitment to preserving its unique heritage and forward-thinking community make it ideal for newcomers looking to plant roots in a lively and artistically rich locale. You'll quickly discover that this city offers a living experience that is as luxurious as it is authentic.

As we delve into the flavors that make Santa Fe a top culinary destination, you'll see how local chefs and restaurateurs bring the same passion and innovation to their kitchens as the city's artists bring to their studios. So, whether you're moving here or just visiting, get ready to explore the best restaurants that Santa Fe has to offer.


724 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe

Geronimo is in a historic adobe home dating back to 1756. The interior reflects its elegant and minimalist philosophy, with thick adobe walls, traditional kiva fireplaces, and exposed wood beams, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This restaurant is renowned for its sophisticated approach to New American cuisine, offering a global eclectic menu that evolves with the seasons to feature fresh, innovative dishes.

The venue has earned numerous accolades for its exceptional dining experience, including the AAA Four Diamond and Mobil/Forbes 4 Star Awards. Additionally, OpenTable named it one of the "Top 100 Restaurants in the Country," and TripAdvisor listed it among the "Top 10 Restaurants in the US."

Café Castro

2811 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe

Café Castro has long been a fixture in Santa Fe, cherished for its authentic regional fare that captures the traditional tastes of Northern New Mexican cuisine. This enduring cafe prides itself on preserving recipes passed down through generations, ensuring that each dish offers a genuine experience of the local culinary heritage. The menu highlights include entrees accompanied by a choice of red or green chile, each served with a fluffy, golden sopaipilla, embodying the quintessential flavors of the area.

The casual ambiance of Café Castro is enhanced by vibrant, colorful artwork on the walls, creating a welcoming environment for diners. Adding to the local charm, patrons can enjoy selections from Santa Fe Brewing, which are available on draft, offering a perfect pairing to complement the bold New Mexican flavors served here. Café Castro's commitment to tradition and laid-back atmosphere make it a beloved choice.

Dinner For Two Restaurant

106 N Guadalupe St, Santa Fe

Dinner For Two Restaurant is an elegant bistro known for its tableside preparations that add a theatrical flair to dining. This venue specializes in fine steaks, which are celebrated for their excellent marbling and the signature char achieved by searing them on a white-hot grill. The meticulous seasoning and expert cooking techniques ensure a distinctive flavor that has earned it acclaim as the "Best Steak House in New Mexico" by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

In addition to its steak offerings, the restaurant emphasizes locally sourced fare, reflecting Santa Fe's rich agricultural surroundings and commitment to freshness. The bistro's extensive wine list includes global selections carefully curated to complement the robust flavors of the dishes. Patrons can also enjoy a variety of fun cocktails crafted with creativity and a nod to local tastes.

The Compound Restaurant

653 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe

The Compound Restaurant is recognized for its exquisite approach to New American fine dining with strong Mediterranean and Southwestern influences, nestled in a cozy adobe home setting on Canyon Road. This esteemed dining venue stands out for its commitment to farm-to-table principles, sourcing ripe heirloom tomatoes, peaches, and naturally raised organic meats such as lamb and duck, which feature prominently in hearty braised dishes like their signature Osso Buco with pear.

The elegance of The Compound is further underscored by its numerous accolades. It has been honored by the James Beard Award Foundation, a testament to its culinary excellence and distinctive style. The restaurant boasts the AAA Four Diamond designation and the DiRoNA (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) Gold Award of Excellence, highlighting its consistent quality and service. The Wine Spectator has also recognized The Compound with the Best of Award of Excellence for its outstanding wine program, which complements the flavorful, meticulously prepared dishes.

Restaurant Martin

526 Galisteo St, Santa Fe

Restaurant Martin is known for its refined New American dishes crafted by the highly acclaimed Chef Martín Rios, a ten-time James Beard Award nominee. The menu features award-winning progressive cuisine that draws diners into a contemporary space accentuated by a garden-lined patio, which offers a serene dining environment.

The ambiance at Restaurant Martin strikes a perfect balance between refined elegance and a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for special occasions and casual dining. The interior and patio design enhance the culinary experience, allowing guests to enjoy expertly prepared meals in a setting that complements Chef Rios' innovative dishes.

Restaurant Martin is deeply involved in the community as the primary sponsor of The Horse Shelter, New Mexico's largest rescue organization for abandoned, abused, and neglected horses. At Restaurant Martin, guests are not only treated to a meal but also to an experience that encapsulates the spirit of Santa Fe through both its food and its philanthropy.


231 Washington Ave, Santa Fe

Santacafé is an upscale New American eatery and bar set within the historic confines of an 1850s house, complete with a charming courtyard. This venue elegantly fuses old-world charm with contemporary culinary practices, creating a unique dining experience highlighting regional fare with a modern twist. Using contemporary flavors and local ingredients emphasizes the restaurant's commitment to freshness and innovation.

The establishment is renowned for offering one of the best outdoor dining experiences in Santa Fe, allowing guests to enjoy exquisite meals under the expansive New Mexico sky in a beautifully maintained courtyard. This setting enhances the overall dining ambiance, blending the historical significance of the building with the modernity of its cuisine. At Santacafé, the menu and atmosphere cater to those looking for a sophisticated and approachable dining environment.

A taste of home in Santa Fe

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