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Welcome to Clovis

A bucolic community-oriented city nestled in Curry County
Nestled near the Texas border in picturesque New Mexico lies Clovis, a city where the rich history of the Wild West meets contemporary charm. 
As the county seat of Curry County, Clovis boasts a community-oriented spirit evident in its friendly neighborhoods and bustling local businesses. The city's agricultural roots run deep, and this heritage is celebrated through its farmers' markets, fairs, and festivals, where the community’s pastoral prowess and local culture are on full display.
A friendly atmosphere, high quality of life, and a passion for music and the arts ensure that Clovis is not just a waypoint on the map but a destination where the past is honored, the present is vibrant, and the future is crafted with the same innovative spirit that once turned this small New Mexico city into a rock 'n' roll legend.

What to Love

  • More affordable home prices and a lower cost of living compared to many other regions
  • A strong sense of fellowship, with a calendar packed to the brim with festivals and events
  • From agriculture to healthcare, education, and military services, the town boasts various employment prospects
  • A harmonious blend of history, rock and roll, and military pride
  • Family-centric, with a community embracing and celebrating its profound roots

Local Lifestyle

The essence of Clovis can be captured by strolling through its quaint downtown area, where historic buildings are interspersed with modern amenities. Shops, restaurants, and prominent landmarks create a vibrant urban tapestry. Not to be outdone, nature lovers can find solace in the city’s green spaces and nearby natural attractions. The outskirts of Clovis open to the expansive plains of Eastern New Mexico, where the horizon stretches out, and the sunsets paint the sky in fiery hues.
Clovis is also home to Cannon Air Force Base, which infuses the city with a sense of national pride and contributes to its dynamic population. The airbase brings together military personnel from various backgrounds, enriching the community with a blend of cultures and traditions.

Dining and Entertainment

K-Bob's Steakhouse is a testament to the city's love affair with robust American cuisine, offering a menu that pays homage to the hearty appetite of the Southwest. Here, diners can indulge in tender, juicy steaks that are grilled to perfection and served in an ambiance that reflects the rustic charm of the region.
For those craving the zest and vibrancy of authentic Mexican fare, Taqueria Jalisco stands as a beacon of traditional culinary craftsmanship. This local favorite dishes out an array of Mexican delicacies that are both colorful and flavorful, from spicy tacos and enchiladas to savory salsas and creamy guacamoles, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 
The Rails is another beloved dining spot you don’t want to miss. Named after the historic Clovis railway depot built in 1907, The Rails promises an exquisite meal of delightful salads, steaks, burgers, and specialty dishes.
The dining scene in Clovis doesn't stop there. From casual cafes and restaurants to fine dining establishments, the city caters to a variety of palates and occasions. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a leisurely dining experience, you're bound to find something that satisfies your taste buds in this spirited city.

Things to Do

Clovis beckons visitors and locals alike to immerse themselves in its deep cultural roots and lively entertainment scene. The Clovis Draggin’ Main Music Festival, a homage to the city's rich musical history, is a high note of the year where fans revel in the sounds that echo the bygone era of rock 'n' roll. This festival is not just a celebration but a respectful nod to the legends who recorded at the famed Norman Petty Studios, making Clovis an unexpected heartthrob of the music world. Afterward, participate in Draggin' Main, a nostalgic ritual where cars cruise down Main Street, reminiscent of a cherished pastime that has evolved into a symbolic gesture of community bonding and remembrance.
Founder's Day is another cornerstone event, encapsulating the spirit of the community with a day filled with history, pride, and fun. This event paints a picture of Clovis's past, celebrating the enduring legacy and pioneering spirit of its forebears with parades, exhibitions, and historical reenactments that bring the tapestry of the city's origins to vibrant life.
For those intrigued by ancient histories, the Blackwater Draw National Site offers a window into the lives of prehistoric communities. This archaeological marvel invites exploration and wonder as visitors walk in the footsteps of ancient peoples and discover the relics and stories of a time long past.

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