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In 2018 and to date in 2019, I sold every property that I listed! I take listings I can sell. I take clients whom I can support and help. My 2017-2019 listings all sold within 90% of the list price, and several have gone over the list price. I don't list to list, I list to sell! My strategy is to be honest, direct, and clear with sellers. I am available by phone, text, and email and I keep in touch with my sellers so that they know how their listing and transaction is progressing.

I began working in the Santa Fe market in 2008, around the time that the mortgage bubble was bursting. So, I have seen a very down market and a very, super hot one! Each takes different approaches, from buyers and sellers alike. I currently work on Team Elite. We are an all-woman, full-service team. We love to handle first-time home buyers, move-up buyers, conventional sellers, sellers who need troubleshooting, reos, foreclosures, owner-financing, multiplexes, and commercial buildings. From experience, I know that finding a home for kids/parents/in-laws/home business/visiting family is often challenging. Since I am a single mama to two girls under 6, I deeply understand these challenges! Bring your little ones to pee, barf and yell while we find them a home to grow up in!
Bring the whole kit and caboodle—your home office, family, pets, etc. And we will find a way to find you a home. Tricky deals, challenging situations, and difficult people do not bother me. I am an aggressive problem-solver and I like to get deals done. At the same time, I offer you personable, warm, and honest customer service. Call or text me for a free consultation at 505.795.8203 I would be honored to work with you!




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